Denver Washing Machine Repair

Most customers calling for washing machine repair in Denver, report two issues: loud sounds and unexplained leaks. The majority of these cases can be successfully repaired either by the appliance owners themselves or by a professional. Unfortunately, washing machine repair can be quite expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea for those with basic handyman skills to try some troubleshooting prior to picking up the phone. Read on to find out how.

denver washing machine repair

Noisy Washing Machine

There are a few issues that can cause banging noises. Often, though, foreign objects are to blame. If the sounds are occurring during or after a completed spin cycle, there’s a chance the solution will be as simple as removing a foreign object from the machine. If the washing machine is a front-load machine, similar sounds may result from worn shock absorbers. If the pump is functioning as intended and there are no visible defects, but loud banging noises are still occurring during the spin cycle, try replacing the shocks. In top-loading models, the most frequent culprit is the tub dampening straps. These are included in many models with the intent of reducing movement during the spin cycle, so when they become worn out or damaged, the tub can move around too much and create a good deal of noise.

Washing Machine Leaks

Most washing machine leaks originate in one of three places: the hoses, the pump, or the tub. Depending on the brand, though, other areas may also be prone to leaks. Before taking steps to open up the machine it’s a good idea to check the drain to ensure it is not clogged. Most of the time, problem hoses will show visible signs of wear. Washing machine owners that are unable to determine the source of the leak themselves can always hire a professional washing machine repair technician.

Time to Call a Pro

There’s no shame in calling in a professional. In fact, by contracting a washing machine repair professional, residents can find out with certainty what’s wrong, allowing them to make more informed decisions as to whether to have machines repaired or replaced.

In Denver, Lee’s Appliance Repair is your only trustworthy solution for washing machine repair, and is often a quick and simple affair.

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