Denver Microwave Repair

Microwaves are convenient, they save us time and hassle, but only if they work. There are some issues that require the help of a professional or in some instances may it may be more cost-effective to replace them with a new microwave. Many problems can however be fixed easily at home. By following these troubleshooting tips for microwave repair. If you prefer to call a professional our Denver microwave repair service can save you money on maintenance and or replacement.

denver microwave repair

Microwave Won’t Turn On

First, inspect the power cord for damage. If the appliance is plugged in and receiving power from the outlet. If you are adventurous and know your way around electricity, you could try and check the internal fuse. If front panel is on but you cannot get the unit to start check door switches are functional. If you are handy with a multi meter check each switch for correct operation. Other components that could be at fault include HV Capacitor, Diodes and the Control Board. If you are unsure on how to replace these parts safely call a Denver microwave repair technician for help.

Inadequate Heat Production

If the microwave turns on but doesn’t produce heat, it may require a microwave repair technician if the owners can’t perform repairs on their own. It’s not a bad idea to test the high voltage capacitor, power diode, and magnetron. These all can be checked by an experienced tech but may be a little more challenging for the DIY enthusiast. Microwave Ovens also produce very high voltages, in the 2500-4000 volt range and these voltages are present for a period of time even when switched off. Needless to say a 4000v jolt could be costly or worse deadly. Calling a Denver Microwave Repair tech may be the way to go. Microwave repairs can sometimes be costly a Denver repair pro can give you an estimate helping you to evaluate whether or not it is worth paying for repairs or simply replacing the unit. In Denver, microwave repair can be quite reasonable in price when all that is required is the replacement of a malfunctioning part.

Only Runs a Few Seconds

If a microwave turns on and starts up fine, then stops for no reason after a few seconds, there are several potential underlying problems. The first could be a control board or touch panel issue. Diagnosing which of the two may be tricky and expensive if you order the wrong part. More likely you could be dealing with a failure of the magnetron or it’s surrounding components. Unless Denver Residents are comfortable working around high voltage, and have a good understanding of electronics and the principles of operation of a microwave oven, it may be better to entrust this work to a Denver professional.

Unfortunately, while figuring the problem could be simple, it may be more complicated actually fixing the unit safely and economically. Calling for professional help is often a better bet.

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