How to Organize Your Laundry Room like a Pro [laundry room organizational tips]

From messy sports tournaments played outside to everyday living, the laundry room can easily become a place that’s chaotic and disorganized.

Ideally, you should treat this space just like you do every other room of your home in order to ensure that it stays neat and tidy.

If you’re not sure how to organize your laundry room like a pro, read on for a few helpful tips that can turn this busy spot into a beautiful, pleasant place that will make doing laundry a fun and easy experience.

Install Tile in the Laundry Room

Not only does tile look nice, but it’s also a good option for high-moisture environments like your laundry room. It can also protect this area, especially if it’s in a basement that can be prone to flooding.

Make this space more unique by choosing a patterned tile to give it personality. Choose tile made of porcelain or ceramic for the best options in terms of colors and pattern designs. Cement tile also works, but you’ll need to seal it to keep it protected.

When you install tile in your laundry room, it makes the space seem more lively and bright. If you have concrete floors, considering staining them or painting them to brighten up this area of the home.

Make Storage a Priority

It’s easy for a laundry room to become disorganized, especially if you have a large family or lead a busy lifestyle. You can combat this issue by adding lots of storage options in the room.

Replace a general laundry basket with a sorting style that helps you separate darks, whites, and delicates. This will make the task of doing laundry a whole lot faster and easier. Install shelving if you don’t have any, so there’s a place for your laundry detergent and fabric softeners other than on the floor.

Put your laundry and cleaning supplies in large glass jars or canisters. Label them to make it easy to identify various items, which will make this room look a lot more organized. Trays are also helpful and can be useful for keeping soap bottles and other containers neatly together in one place.

If you have the room, add tall shelving with cabinet doors to hide your extra supplies. This can serve as a “laundry room pantry” that hides containers and rags from view.

Wall hooks are also very helpful for a laundry room. Use them to hang delicates, towels, and other items so they’re off the floor and out of your laundry baskets. 

Designate an Area for Folding

Once your load of laundry is done, it’s easier to fold everything in the laundry room before you put it in the closet or dresser. If you currently have a side-by-side washer and dryer, add a counter or piece of wood on top of the appliances.

If you happen to have stacking units, look for a collapsible table that mounts to the wall. This is an easy way to fold your clothes in the laundry room without taking up too much floor space. You can hide the wall-mounted table by attaching a piece of art to it when it’s not in use.

Not only do you want this room to be organized and functional, but you also want it to look beautiful. Simple updates like adding granite counters or painting the space will make it a much more pleasant place to be. Add new, brighter light fixtures so you can see what you’re doing and so the room looks more cheerful and bright.

Make the Room Multipurpose

If you have a large laundry room, you can get more out of this space by adding a few extra items to make it a multipurpose room. Add a small freestanding pantry or wall shelving, and use the room to store overflow items like bulk cleaning supplies, dry goods, and pet food.

To separate different spaces, simply hang some curtains that can easily be opened or closed as you need to access the area. This is an easy, affordable way to ensure that your laundry room has different, designated areas that serve a specific purpose.

Make sure you invest in quality appliances that will last a long time. If you use a front-loading washer or dryer, opt for the drawers that can be added underneath. This will give you an extra place to store supplies and other items and keep them out of view.

If your laundry room is on the smaller side, utilize the door for storage. You can hang a shoe storage rack over the back of the door and place dryer sheets and other small items inside. The key is to make sure you’re using as much space as you can that’s available so the room is tidy, functional, and organized in a way that makes doing laundry easy.

Staying Organized is Easy

With these simple tips, you can easily organize your laundry room like a pro. Make sure that everything has its own designated space so you can eliminate the excess chaos and clutter.

If your laundry room is on the larger side, utilize it for more than one purpose. Enhance this room by installing some fun tile on the floors or painting it a bright and cheery color. Anything you can do to make the laundry room more pleasant will help.

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